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High-octane video editing with the A12 Bionic

Asteroid Video uses the iPhone’s new Bionic chip to produce professional-quality video at resolutions of up to 4K.

Apple's new AI chips are incredible for intelligently processing images and, if you really push the limits, video.

Mikolaj's Mural

We used Asteroid Video, running on iPhone, to edit a short indie movie using AI.

Fullscreen recommended - the entire video was edited and color corrected in 4K, all on device. The footage came from a single-day shoot using only the iPhone camera.

Asteroid Video uses AI to do the grunt work - cutting, tagging and roughly ordering footage. For short social media videos, the editing time speedup of Asteroid Video compared to conventional editing tools ranges from around 5x to 10x.

We designed the app with the targets (above) to cut down the time taken to edit a 1 minute video.

AI-driven Cutting

Asteroid Video starts by running the raw video footage through a neural network. The app identifies the right place to make a cut, and breaks the footage up into clips. All of the cuts in the Mikolaj video were automatic - made by a neural network running on iPhone hardware.

Ordering and Storytelling

As the user creates a video storyboard, the app recommends the next shot based on palette, chronology and composition, which are all tagged using AI. The app also can create a completely automatic rough edit. However, the final word on the storytelling is left to the user.

Intelligent Search

Each video clip is tagged by content using an AI image classifier. You can search by theme or meaning - find clips that are warm or of happy faces, or are of the outdoors or indoors, or search for soundbites by text. No need to spend hours searching through footage - it's right there.

El 3 - Motorcycle Influencer

We worked with a motorcycle influencer El 3 to tell a story about a midnight ride to Joshua Tree. Again, all footage was shot on iPhone, using a gimbal and fisheye lens, over a single day. We used Asteroid's AI to cut out shaky footage, pick out highlights and automatically sketch out a video story.

Raw Footage

For the El 3 video, there was a lot of shaky or low quality footage, especially during the action scenes. It was also quite "washed out" before doing color correction with Asteroid Video. Here's a montage sample of raw input footage for comparison.

Pushing the limits

We haven't even begun to push the limits of the iPhone - these devices are now so powerful that cutting 4K video using AI completely within reach.

The next frontier for us is using more advanced computer vision and AR features to bring studio-grade VFX to mobile video creators. Watch this space!