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Introducing Asteroid Video

Create great video edits in seconds

Create high-resolution, high-quality video in just a few taps. No experience required. The app automatically cuts your footage and lets you change the edit using a simple storyboard. Free to use, paid to use without watermark.

Three steps for a perfect edit

Step 1: Automatic editing & storyboarding

Use an auto-editing template to instantly generate a video from footage. Next, simply tap to add clips to a storyboard. The app recommends relevant clips as you edit, cutting out shaky or low-grade footage.

Step 2: Refine edit in HD & 4K

Apply color correction presets directly to footage to create gorgeous content that stands out on social media. Search through cut clips to replace the exact shot you need. Export to HD, square, vertical video, and even 4K, all on device.

Step 3: Voiceover, text, music and watermarks

Finalize your video for social media with by adding a voiceover, readable captions and a custom watermark. Choose a background track from our library of commercially licensed music.

Freemium Pricing: 24.99/month for Pro

Case Study: Mikolaj's Mural

Mikolaj is a street artist living in Los Angeles looking to create some video content for Instagram. A single shoot gave us about 20 mintues of raw iPhone footage, and we ran all the footage through Asteroid video's auto-editing algorithm to pick out highlights and create a rough cut (first video).

We then fixed the story up a little and added some color filters to correct the footage, which took in total less than 10 minutes (second video). Finally, we added titles and text to create the finished content (third video).

Asteroid Video makes it possible to turn around high-quality video content same-day, without professional video production skills.