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Asteroid Video for Brands

Asteroid Video makes it easy for single-person or small content teams to create video content without specific video experience.

Using footage from short iPhone shoots with a low-budget setup, we were able to create professional-quality promotional videos for a number of brands.

Shoot on iPhone

Shoot in up to 4K resolution using the iPhone's inbuilt camera. Asteroid Video will automatically pick out the best clips, avoiding shaky footage or unflattering takes. A low-budget, 1-hour shoot is all you need to create a high-quality 2-3 minute video.

Create perfect edit using AI

Our automatic editing algorithm puts together the perfect series of cuts using your footage. You can tweak and change the edit however you like, using our AI-assisted storyboarding tools.

No production team required

Asteroid Video makes it easy for a small or single person team to produce professional-quality video content with same-day turnaround times. No video design experience required. All you need is an iPhone.

Tomorrow's Laundry

Tomorrow's Laundry is a D2C brand that wanted to showcase their upcoming product collection. We worked with them on a day-long shoot to make a video series for Instagram using Asteroid Video.


Mikolaj is a street artist living in Los Angeles who wanted to make a video documenting the process behind a new mural. A single shoot gave us about 20 mintues of raw iPhone footage.

We occasionally work with clients based in London or Los Angeles to help them produce video content from an existing shoot for free. Email us for further information.